BREEAM Version 7 consultation: your inputs needed for energy & carbon update

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BRE has issued a call to stakeholders to respond to its BREEAM Version 7 consultation to shape the future of the green building standard.

With a closing date of 30th June 2023, this consultation shares some of BRE’s latest thinking, providing an early preview of key themes for BREEAM V7.

BREEAM V7, scheduled for release at the beginning of 2024, focuses on updating whole life carbon and energy credits, and will be applied to the New Construction, In-Use, and Refurbishment and Fit Out schemes.

BRE says some benefits of its new version of BREEAM (V7) will include:

  • Tracking a building’s progress toward Net Zero Carbon
  • Enhancing whole-life carbon performance measurement
  • Using embodied carbon and operational energy benchmarks
  • Identifying and addressing performance gaps across the building’s life cycle
  • Understanding asset alignment with decarbonisation pathways
  • Preparing for the BREEAM Net Zero Carbon module (scheduled for release after V7)

As the organisation responsible for the BREEAM building standard, it says it is: “inviting feedback from built environment stakeholders across the full value chain and life cycle of a building“.

Those who submit their thoughts, feedback and insights will play a critical role in shaping the future of sustainable building practices and the transition to net zero carbon buildings. BRE says it wants to ensure that BREEAM V7 “…reflects the latest scientific knowledge and primary industry considerations“.

BRE says the estimated completion time for the consultation is 1-2 hours. To undertake this exercise, you can find the BRE’s BREEAM V7 Consultation here.

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