CIBSE launches future-focused ‘Building Performance Reimagined’ project

The Building Performance Reimagined project takes a holistic, future-oriented perspective on building performance. Discover more here.

CIBSE has launched a ‘ground-breaking’ initiative called Building Performance Reimagined which aims to ‘transform the landscape of building engineering and sustainability’.

Commissioned by CIBSE and researched by Arup, the Building Performance Reimagined project takes a holistic, future-oriented perspective on building performance.

At its core, Building Performance Reimagined seeks to redefine the parameters of traditional engineering practices and equip CIBSE members with the tools to meet future challenges head-on.

The project explores the dynamic and evolving nature of building performance, going beyond energy efficiency and carbon reduction to consider broader forms of value within the built environment.

The report introduces four performance metrics which it claims are designed to guide the industry towards enhanced health and resilience:

  1. Variety: Optimising building services to promote space efficiency, adaptability and user diversity.
  2. Readiness: Enhancing building services to anticipate and mitigate risks, ensuring resilience against unforeseen threats.
  3. Connectedness: Integrating building services with local and wider systems, enhancing responsiveness to the environment and its contents.
  4. Emergence: Enabling building services to contribute positively over time, learning and adapting as structures age.

The report explores the potential expansion of the role of building services engineers beyond traditional boundaries, with CIBSE stating:

‘The project reframes the role of building services engineers in wiser systems and society. Their responsibilities now extend beyond ensuring basic functionality and energy efficiency to enhancing all forms of life within and around a site, promoting biodiversity and social equity through design decisions and interactions.’

CIBSE is inviting industry professionals to take part to anticipate evolving needs, explore potential futures, and identify opportunities to shape a sustainable built environment. CIBSE says its approach aims to redefine ‘high performance’ in buildings by emphasising collective social value and multiple stakeholder interests.

To read more about, and access, the project, please click here.

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