Discover why we’re urging local authorities to access £9m fund for tackling air pollution

We’re raising awareness of a fund which will make a valuable contribution in tackling air pollution buildings technology.

We’re raising awareness of a fund which will make a valuable contribution to cover the cost of local projects to improve air quality across England is opens up a line of opportunity for investment in healthy buildings technology.

The government’s £7m funding boost – called the Air Quality Grant – aims to help councils develop and implement measures to benefit schools, businesses and communities, as well as to reduce the impact of polluted air on people’s health. The government has confirmed that applications have now opened for this year’s scheme.

Projects that deal with improving air quality, as well as improving knowledge about the health risks, will be encouraged to apply.

Local authorities can also bid for a portion of the fund for a wide range of other projects to improve air quality and create cleaner and healthier environments.

The criteria for this year’s grant period will prioritise three areas:

  • Projects which reduce air pollutant exceedances, especially in those areas that are projected to remain in exceedance of the UK’s legal targets.
  • Projects that will improve knowledge and information about air quality and steps individuals can take to reduce their exposure to air pollution.
  • Projects that include measures to deal with particulate matter, which is the pollutant most harmful to human health.

Gavin Holvey, our General Manager at Priva UK & Ireland believes the pandemic has accelerated the uptake of investment in technology solutions that promote healthier living, working and learning environments. 

“Air quality is a matter for national concern. We’re not just talking about external air quality here, but indoors too. We spent 90% of our time inside buildings; the air that we breath has an impact on every aspect of our health – as well as cognition and performance. Local authorities have vast estates to take care of – and we’re remain ready and willing to support building managers in their application for funds to implement our technology. 

“We offer an industry-leading range of CO2 sensors, for example, that will highlight ‘ventilation blackspots’ and feed air quality / CO2 level data back into the building management system. As we are likely to move in and out of lockdowns and restrictions (and reduced density ratios of ‘people per square foot’ in offices and civic spaces), this kind of technology provides vital management data and building insight.” 

Applications for the grant opened on Friday 3 September and will close on Friday 8 October. Local Authorities in England are invited to apply via Bravo and further details on how to apply are available on the Air Quality Grants GOV.UK page.

Interested in getting more information on our approach to healthy buildings? Download our white paper here

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