Priva Explains: How to take control of your school’s energy bill with cloud-based building energy management


Cloud-based energy management

Last December the UK Government made over £500 million available to schools and colleges in England for energy efficiency upgrades – helping them to save on bills and manage their energy consumption more effectively.

These funds are much needed. The rising energy costs have further depleted school funds. In fact, according to The Guardian newspaper, some schools have reported rises in energy bills of more than 300%.

90% schools in England will have run out of money by the next school year as the enormous burden of increased energy and salary bills takes its toll

Source: National Association of Head Teachers, Oct 2022

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Cloud-based energy management: How to take control of your school’s energy costs.

Cloud-based energy management: How to take control of your school’s energy costs

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How the cloud future-proofs your school?

A new Department for Education Fund in England dedicated to helping schools improve their energy efficiency provides an opportunity to embrace the benefits of cloud-based building management.

  1. Cloud-based energy management, such as that provided by Priva Digital Services, allows schools and colleges to optimise their use of energy and save money.
  2. Priva Digital Services, are inexpensive to implement and utilise on an ongoing basis. For a school or college, annual costs can be in the region of £1500, rendering this a minimal and eminently trackable expense in the context of overall operational costs.
  3. Cloud-based energy management allows schools’ infrastructures to be managed remotely and inexpensively.
  4. Moving to the cloud provides enhanced security measures and access to new features and improvements as soon as they become available.
  5. The cloud is scalable so schools can easily adapt to new requirements – for example, if they add a new building.

As energy tariffs have never been more volatile, our digital building control technologies can help you to manage energy consumption – right across your school/college estate – and keep your Net Zero carbon (and cost efficiency) goals on track.

Gavin Holvey, General Manager/Sales UK & Ireland, Priva

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Cloud-based energy management: How to take control of your school’s energy costs