IWFM updates guidance for effective building energy management

effective building energy management

The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM), in collaboration with energy management specialist Carbon Numbers, has published a revised edition of its Energy Management Good Practice Guide (GPG).

The new GPG underscores the pivotal role of workplace and facilities management (WFM) in advancing organisational sustainability objectives against the backdrop of the climate crisis and energy consumption challenges.

The updated guide follows IWFM’s Sustainability Survey findings in February 2024, which highlighted a concerning trend: only 13% of facilities managers (FMs) reported involvement in organizational energy efficiency and carbon reduction plans.

A structured engagement framework to facilitate informed decision-making in energy management is a key offering of the new GPG. The guide provides practical guidance on formulating energy policies, setting goals, and long-term management, complemented by insights from real-world challenges and case studies.

Commenting on the new guide, Neil Fright FIWFM, CEO of Carbon Numbers, emphasised the critical need to support WFM in delivering best practice in energy reduction and management. He said: “We all see the daily, and often devastating, effects of climate change, and carbon reduction is at the top of the agenda for change. The energy crisis has also brought focus on the cost of utilities and the key question remains how to make buildings smarter and more efficient, reduce costs and minimise carbon emissions.

“This guide will bring valuable insights to aid FMs in managing this key area, assisting them in seeking the finances and resources they need as well as evaluating best practice, setting targets and reporting outcomes.”

Sofie Hooper, IWFM’s Head of Policy and Research, commented: “We’re excited to bring this resource to our members at a time when they continue to navigate a complex and uncertain energy market, while trying to meet much-needed ambitious corporate climate change targets which will require thoughtful investment approaches. Sustainability is a core pillar of activity for IWFM and this GPG takes into account what we’ve seen evidenced in our recently published Sustainability Survey Report.”

  • The Energy Management Good Practice Guide is available for download by IWFM members, and non-members are invited to review a preview.

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