New UKGBC’s guide aims to accelerate action on commercial retrofit

The UK Green Building Council has published a guide to support industry to retrofit the UK’s poorly performing commercial buildings.

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has, this month, published a guide to support industry to retrofit the UK’s poorly performing commercial buildings.

From 2025, every commercial building in the UK will require an energy performance certificate (EPC) which rates its energy efficiency from grade A to G. The UK Government wants to strengthen these standards and has proposed that all commercial properties being let have a minimum EPC rating of at least ‘B’ by 2030 and is considering a possible interim requirement of level ‘C’ by 2027. Buildings which fail to meet these new standards would require owners and landlords of commercial buildings to upgrade their stock.

The UKGBC says there is an urgent need to increase the pace at which we are retrofitting the UK’s commercial real estate. Its analysis shows that aligning the UK built environment with the Paris Agreement will require energy consumption across commercial buildings to be reduced by 59% by 2050.

UKGBC’s new guide, Delivering Net Zero: Key considerations for Commercial Retrofit has been published this month (May 2022). It provides the real-estate industry with a common approach to commercial retrofit through the lens of net zero carbon.

It provides much needed clarity on retrofit types such as “light retrofit” and “deep retrofit”, enabling built environment practitioners from varied backgrounds to speak with a common language and improve cross-industry communication. It then goes on to outline 10 fundamental considerations for net zero focused retrofits as well as real-world case studies which exemplify these considerations. The approach set out within the report provides property owners and key stakeholders with a transparent picture of the value of opting for a net zero focused retrofit versus standard practice.

The new guide also demonstrates the wide-range of benefits which retrofit can deliver – beyond improved energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption – such as increased wellbeing and improved thermal comfort for occupants, reduced need for repairs and lower running costs for facilities managers and building owners – all of which are areas of focus for Priva and can be addressed through our suite of intelligent Priva Digital Services.

Download the report here.

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