Priva UK marks ‘Net Zero’ focus of London Climate Action Week 2022

Priva UK is celebrating London Climate Action Week with a reminder of its own contribution to delivering energy reduction in London...

Priva UK is celebrating London Climate Action Week (LCAW, 25th June – 3rd July 2022) with a reminder of its own contribution to delivering energy reduction in the Nation’s capital city.

LCAW is all about harnessing the power of London for global climate action. This week-long annual event brings together the city’s world-leading array of climate professionals and communities. Now in its third year, LCAW creates space for participants to come together and find global solutions to climate change.

Arranged around four themes – including “Creating a Sustainable, Net Zero London by 2030”, LCAW promises to be a hive of activity for climate conscious businesses and individuals.

Priva UK & Ireland’s General Manager Gavin Holvey is well aware of the urgent need for climate action. “Here at Priva, we echo the LCAW’s organisers’ views that climate change is an existential threat, requiring us all to act,” he says.“ It requires big ideas, holistic responses and collaborative working to unleash innovative solutions. 

“Alongside our network of Priva Partners, many of whom deliver energy saving projects on buildings in London, we are committed to slowing the pace of climate change both in London, and beyond. We are proud that our technology is playing its part in helping London achieve the Mayor’s Net Zero goals by 2030. As recent global events like the Covid-19 pandemic and the current energy crisis are teaching us, we need to find new solutions for energy resilience and energy security. But, the first step is always with demand reduction.

Our building management technologies are a perfect place to start.”

Priva, along with its Partners, has delivered energy saving building automation technology to many high-profile London sites including St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.

Click for more information London Climate Action Week.

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