Set up Cloud History points

It is also possible to use TC Manager Connect to add and view Cloud History points. Start TC Manager Connect (via tray icon) and login with your existing Access Control account (you must have Remote Management rights for this Cloud History pilot). Open your project.

Download TC Manager Connect
You can find this at A shortcut is placed on your desktop

Enable Cloud History.
Go to system settings / general settings / select Use Cloud history.

Add / remove a History point
Trends > select module from the tree > Select value in overview > Drag value to graph > Selected Data Points > Select the drop-down arrow > Add or remove.
In the TRENDS tab you can add and remove the historical datapoints. If it’s already a selected History point it will be available in trended data points. However, can be removed in the selected data points tab.

View all TC History points
Trends > TC History tab
In this section you can see all the enabled data points and the amount that are still available. It appears as 2 numbers ## / ##. It is also possible to remove them from history at this point.

In Control tab you can view the historical datapoints (if you have added this datapoint). You can track the trend however the graph is smaller than in the trends tab.
It takes a while before you see the first historical data because it must be retrieved from the cloud.