Using Priva Building Operator

Step 1 – Accept your invite and create your account

When a subscription is ordered, individual users can only get access to these
services by being invited. When you receive an invite, you must accept it and (if
not already created) create your account. Every time you access Building
Operator you will need to log in with this account, so set up your
account with your own personal or work email address.

Step 2 – Access Rights

Every user of your services, must have their individual access rights set. These rights can only
be controlled by admin users, so these admin users are in control of who can use the service
and how. Only an admin users will see the access control icon shown below.
To allow a user permission to use Building Operator, make sure that they are correctly set up
in access control. The most important settings are highlighted below. Please remember if the
user does not have Site Management ticked or does not have access to the correct site
location, they will not be able to see the project in Building Operator

Step 3 – Open your site

When a users account has been created and access rights are set,

When a users account has been created and access rights are set, they can begin to use Building Operator to manage the site. Building Operator can be opened on any device via the internet using one of
the options below. You can also add these destinations to your favourites or create a
desktop short cut for quick access.
Option 1 Go to and click on the icon
Option 2 Go to directly through any web
Every time you click on the link you will be required to sign in to your access control account.