ICT Information improved and updated

The Priva ICT datasheet has been further improved with new look and feel. It is the basis for all ICT information regarding Priva Cloud services and products. The latest version can always be downloaded at the Priva Help Centre.


Priva Cloud connection

To enable communication between the Priva Blue ID hardware and the Priva Cloud, the network must allow communication with the Priva Cloud in firewalls. The ports that are necessary for the Priva Services that must be set to open are detailed in this datasheet. Communication with the Priva Cloud must also be allowed based on the FQDNs or the IP addresses.

Priva Cloud Connector

Building management systems should never run on a network with direct Internet access. In order to use Priva cloud services, communication between the Building management system and the Priva Cloud is required. The Cloud Connector makes this possible in a secure manner. The Cloud Connector only permits outgoing connections. In this way, it protects the building management system from access by unauthorised persons via the Internet. The Cloud Connector does not permit incoming connections. Only when the Cloud Connector sets up the connection to the outside, , will incoming traffic within that active session will be permitted. This makes it possible to view and adjust values from outside with an application/service.

Port numbers

To enable communication between Priva Top Control applications and the Priva Blue ID hardware, ports must be set to open in the firewall as indicated in the datasheet. Tables now clearly specify whether the ports use incoming or outgoing communication. The configuration of the ports in the firewall depends on the Top Control applications used and the network configuration created in the project.

The latest version can always be downloaded at the Priva Help Centre


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