Priva’s CIBSE Approved CPDs: Now’s the time to book your Autumn learning schedule

It’s September already! And, almost time for a ‘new term’! Which means it’s the perfect time to book yourself onto one of our CIBSE Approved CPDs. We’re now taking bookings for our CPDs in the remaining final quarter of 2023, and into 2024.

We’ve got four CIBSE Approved CPDs to choose from – across a wide range of topics:

CPD No.1: From Cable to Cloud

The cloud is here now, the world around us is changing, and new opportunities are presenting themselves. This CPD looks at the way the length of cable used in BMS has been reduced over the years, how control has been localised and how techniques have been improved to ensure speed and ease.

CPD No.2: Energy and Performance Management

Our Energy and Performance Management CPD summarises the journey of BMS to its current position. It looks at the cloud-based services/tools that are available and how they complement the acquisition of a Building Management System. Giving powerful visuality to both Clients and service providers alike.

We explain how these tools encourage partnerships in the quest for improving building performance.

CPD No.3: Cloud Security

Cloud Security is topic close to our hearts. The world around us is changing, new opportunities are presenting themselves – and the Cloud offers a wide raft of benefits and opportunities for smarter building management. The Cloud also allows customers to focus their attention on running their business.

This CPD, approved by CIBSE, is focused on the security of the Cloud. It has been written to dispel any barriers. It aims to describe how cloud security can be safer than in-house solutions whilst taking away the responsibility from in-house functions.

CPD No.4: Wellbeing

The connection between the built environment and human health and wellbeing has never been so high on the corporate agenda.

Building owners want to maximise ROI, companies need to attract new and keep good employees. Sickness and discontentment threaten both requirements. So, what can building owners and operators do to make buildings better spaces and places for people to work, live, learn and thrive?

This CPD explores many of the ways you can use building technologies to enhance health and productivity – and make your building a place people want to be.

Start building your CPD points – and book now

We deliver our CIBSE Approved CPDs online and (preferably) in-person! If you and your colleagues would like to sign up for this CPD, drop us a line to check availability.

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